Farrell/Scogin Family Tree - Person Sheet
Farrell/Scogin Family Tree - Person Sheet
NameClare Margaret Scogin
Birth2 Mar 1914, Omaha, NE
MemoDouglas County, at home 1539 So 25th Avenue
Residence1948, 504 Timber Lane, Falls Church, VA Age: 33
Residence1953, 812 Fulton Ave, Falls Church, VA Age: 38
Census1930, Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska11 Age: 15
Census1940, Alexandria, VA3 Age: 25
MemoLived with Marion and Bob Johnson
Death9 Oct 1978, Arlington, VA Age: 64
MemoArlington Hosiptal
BurialOct 1978, Fairfax Memorial Park, Fairfax VA
Memosame plot as Andrew H Farrell
ReligionRoman Catholic
Cause of deathColon cancer
OccupationMom, Kindergarden teacher at St James School in Falls Church, from about 1960 to 1974
EducationHigh School, Valedictorian of her class
FatherHarry Andrew Scogin (1882-1974)
MotherSarah Estella Lyons (1882-1918)
Birth18 Mar 1910, Omaha, NE4,5,6
Employment19 May 1939, US Patent Office, Washington DC7 Age: 29
MemoPatent Examiner
EmploymentSep 1938, Project engineer, H.S. Nixon Omaha NE7 Age: 28
Memothru May 15 1939
EmploymentSep 1935, Education Advisor, CCC7 Age: 25
MemoMitchell, NE
EmploymentJan 1938, Works Progress Administration7 Age: 27
Memoconstruction forman and surveyor Omaha NE
Census1920, 2517 G St, Omaha, NE8,5 Age: 9
Residence1930, 2517 G St, Omaha, NE9,5 Age: 19
Census1930, Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska9 Age: 19
Employment1937, LaGuardia Airport, Queens, NY Age: 26
MemoWorked for CCC and WPA on airport
Census1940, 6 Glendale Ave, Alexandria, Va3 Age: 29
MemoLived with Marian and Bob Johnson
Residence1942, Richmond, VA Age: 31
MemoUSPTO moved to Richmond for WW2
Land Purchase1948, 504 Timber Lane, Falls Church, VA Age: 37
Memopossibly 1947. Lived with fellow USPTO employees after moving back to Northrn VA after WW2
Land Purchase1953, 812 Fulton Ave, Falls Church, VA Age: 42
MemoPurchased house at 812 Fulton Avenue, Falls Church, VA
Death15 Jan 1993, Fairfax, VA, USA Age: 82
MemoComplications of dementia
Burialaft 15 Jan 1993, Fairfax Memorial Park, Fairfax VA
ReligionRoman Catholic10
OccupationPatent Examiner, Surveyer, Policeman, Fireman
EducationBS Architectural Engineering, 34 Iowa State University
FatherDaniel Joseph Farrell (1860-1934)
Marriage27 Jul 1936, Omaha, NE12,5
Marr MemoSt Ann’s Catholic Church, 24th and Poppleton in mid-Omaha
Notes for Clare Margaret Scogin
Was born in the dinning room of the family house on 25th Street in Omaha (1525 So 25Th Ave Douglas, Ne)4
Notes for Clare Margaret Scogin
The family had a big Thanksgiving dinner at 812. When Tom and Hank got married, they brought their wives (Nancy and Laura), as did Dick (with Janet). They brought the grandkids, it was a big event.

Traditionally, the “men folks” would go out into the garden and play touch football, to get out of the way of the “women” who cooked the dinner, had a few drinks, and caught up on the family gossip. Many of the dishes were prepared ahead to lighten the cooking load.

One year, probably about 1970, the families gathered, The boys went out to play football, and the women were in the kitchen. The drink of choice in the kitchen were wiskey sours. Someone must have brought a new recipe.

When the guys came in after a couple of hours of playing football, we said “when is dinner, how come we can’t smell the turkey?”

The answer was that someone forgot to turn on the oven. Since the event had about 30 people, it was a huge turkey, probalby more than 25 pounds. Which means that the turkey takes 5 or more hours to bake.

I don’t remember what we ate, but it was not turkey. Might have been just the potatoes and other vegtables, and of course, mince meat and pumpkin pies. Lots of pies.
Notes for Clare Margaret Scogin
Aunt Rita Scogin Kiley writes: " she was MY pal. She was the only one besides my Grandma Scogin that ever helped me with any school work. Grandma drilled me on spelling and I was the top speller in my class."
Notes for Clare Margaret Scogin
exchanged letters with Kate Farrell and Peter O’Farrell in Ireland in 197815
Notes for Andrew Harry (Spouse 1)
Was christened Harry Andrew, but reversed name as a young man. Family lore says that his mother, Nellie was engaged to Andrew Farrell (1871-1892). When Andrew was killed in a railroad accedent, Daniel J Farrell courted Nellie. Nellie’s sisters, the Burke girls, bribed Harry’s older brothers to call him Andrew13
Notes for Andrew Harry (Spouse 1)
Loved to play bridge. Played tournaments for duplicate bridge at the Knights of Columbus.
Notes for Andrew Harry (Spouse 1)
Claimed that he worked for his Dad’s construction firm in 1913 building St Bridget’s School, which he attended starting in 1915. The school constuction site was across the street from his family home. His dad’s firm was building the school. Andrew says that when he was 3, he pulled a wagon to the construction site. The wagon carried blocks of ice for the men working on the school. Thus he was helping, and one could stretch it that he was part of the crew.

— from family lore, Pat Farrell, 7 Feb 2016
Notes for Andrew Harry (Spouse 1)
Was a member of the "The Ancient Order of Hibernians" (AOH) through the local Knights of Columbus (E.D.White council, Arlington VA).14
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