Farrell-Scogin of Omaha Nebraska - Person Sheet
Farrell-Scogin of Omaha Nebraska - Person Sheet
NameJoel Abel Scogin 41,69
Birthabt 1787, Crosby Township, OH, USA41
Census1830, Crosby Township, OH, USA87 Age: 43
Death1833, Crosby Township, OH, USA Age: 46
Memoin "prime of life" from history of McClean County
FatherSolomon Scoggin (~1750-1818)
Birth1788, Crosby Township, OH, USA
Memomaybe 1792
Death1875, McLean County, IL Age: 87
ChildrenAndrew W. (~1823-1888)
Notes for Joel Abel Scogin
FLF's records show Scottish Decent, but records from father (Solomon) indicate Welsh rather than Scottish. 4
Notes for Joel Abel Scogin
He died without a Will. He was survived by a wife and several children. The ìHistory of McLean County, Illinoisî states that he ìwas cut down in the prime of lifeî. What exactly that means is unknown. Joel apparently died while in financial difficulty. There was a judgment placed against him in 1824 and another in 1832. The two creditors fought over collecting on their judgments in court, and the case went to the Ohio Supreme Court.
Notes for Heather (Esther) (Spouse 1)
Hester had a brother, Joseph Wakefield, who took Andrew W. to live with him when Andrew W was 14 years old, in McLean County. Andrew W stayed with Joseph in Randolph Township until his marriage in 1844. 4
Notes for Joel Abel & Heather (Esther) (Family)
Andrew was one of the Elder children, he had eight sisters and six brothers
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