Farrell-Scogin of Omaha Nebraska - Person Sheet
Farrell-Scogin of Omaha Nebraska - Person Sheet
NameHarriet Casey
BirthWaterloo, Iowa
Deathca 2000
BurialSt James Cemetary, West Street, Falls Church, VA
Birth18 Mar 1910, Omaha, NE4,5,6
Census1920, 2517 G St, Omaha, NE7,5 Age: 9
Residence1930, 2517 G St, Omaha, NE8,5 Age: 19
Census1930, Omaha, Douglas, Nebraska8 Age: 19
Employment1937, LaGuardia Airport, Queens, NY Age: 26
MemoWorked for CCC and WPA on airport
Census1940, 6 Glendale Ave, Alexandria, Va3 Age: 29
MemoLived with Marian and Bob Johnson
Residence1942, Richmond, VA Age: 31
MemoUSPTO moved to Richmond for WW2
Land Purchase1948, 504 Timber Lane, Falls Church, VA Age: 37
Memopossibly 1947. Lived with fellow USPTO employees after moving back to Northrn VA after WW2
Land Purchase1953, 812 Fulton Ave, Falls Church, VA Age: 42
MemoPurchased house at 812 Fulton Avenue, Falls Church, VA
Death15 Jan 1993, Fairfax, VA, USA Age: 82
MemoComplications of dementia
Burialaft 15 Jan 1993, Fairfax Memorial Park, Fairfax VA
ReligionRoman Catholic9
OccupationPatent Examiner, Surveyer, Policeman, Fireman
EducationBS Architectural Engineering, 34 Iowa State University
FatherDaniel Joseph Farrell (1860-1934)
MarriageApr 1979, St. James Church, Falls Church, VA
Deathca 1970
MemoHarriet was a widow for at least 15 years before she married Andrew Farrell
Marriagebef 1950
Notes for Harriet Casey
Harriet Casey was a long-time family friend. She and her first husband Vincent Casey were in the same parish (St James in Falls Chuch). The families regularly got together for picnics, the adults played bridge or pinocle monthly. Vincent had been gone for a long time, perhaps two decades, before Clare Scogin Farrell died. Andrew and Harriet started dating within months of Clare’s death, and married about six months after Clare died.

It was clear to the family that Andrew was not capable of living without a wife. He had no idea how to cook, or do any of the traditional housewife functions.
Notes for Andrew Harry (Spouse 1)
Was christened Harry Andrew, but reversed name as a young man. Family lore says that his mother, Nellie was engaged to Andrew Farrell (1871-1892). When Andrew was killed in a railroad accedent, Daniel J Farrell courted Nellie. Nellie’s sisters, the Burke girls, bribed Harry’s older brothers to call him Andrew13
Notes for Andrew Harry (Spouse 1)
Loved to play bridge. Played tournaments for duplicate bridge at the Knights of Columbus.
Notes for Andrew Harry (Spouse 1)
Claimed that he worked for his Dad’s construction firm in 1913 building St Bridget’s School, which he attended starting in 1915. The school constuction site was across the street from his family home. His dad’s firm was building the school. Andrew says that when he was 3, he pulled a wagon to the construction site. The wagon carried blocks of ice for the men working on the school. Thus he was helping, and one could stretch it that he was part of the crew.

— from family lore, Pat Farrell, 7 Feb 2016
Notes for Andrew Harry (Spouse 1)
Was a member of the "The Ancient Order of Hibernians" (AOH) through the local Knights of Columbus.14
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