Pat Farrell's family genealogy.

Pat's parents were from Omaha Nebraska. Pat's dad was Andrew H Farrell, born 1910 in Omaha NE. His mom was Clare Margaret (Scogin) Farrell, born in 1914 in Omaha. NE.

Family Tree

Farrell-Scogin of Omaha Nebraska generated by Reunion 13.

This information is freely available to all family, with a pretty broad definition of family, but I do retain the copyright to the data and collection. Please, do not upload this data to any commercial genealogy website, such as I dislike that these commercial companies accept in genealogy research and then charge others for access.

The tree is generated using the Reunion 13 for Macintosh software. I've tried a bunch of different programs for storing genealogy data, and I like Reunion 13 far more than any other. It runs only on Apple OS-X (Macintosh) and Apple IOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.) computers. I keep my MacBook Pro laptop solely to run Reunion.

While by definition, a genealogy tree is all about the "begats" as in "Peter begat Daniel who begat Daniel who begat Harry". Straight out of the Old Testament. But that is not my interest. Its just what we have to do to get to what I consider the interesting parts: the stories and characters. Who in the tree is a card shark, cattle rustler, claim jumper, outlaw or even politician. That is what I want to know and record.

Photos and sources for the Family Tree

I have collected a fair number of photos and historical documents recording my family tree. Many of the photos and documents are included in the family tree. This is the whole collection, not in any particular order, yet.

Where are we from.

We are all immigrants. As far as I can tell, I have no acestors who were Native Americans. The family tree goes back to the usual mostly white Europeans who came over in the 1700s and 1800s.

Earliest Farrell

Peter Farrell Born about 1790 County Cork, Ireland

Peter's son Daniel Joseph Farrell was born in Milford, County Cork, Ireland in 1825 and immigrated to the US in about 1859.

Earliest Scogin

Solomon Scoggin Born about 1750

No record of where Solomon was born, or how he got to the US. His marriage was recorded in Virginia in 1792. He died in Ohio in 1818 and had fought for the rebels in the Revolutionary War, Chester Country PA

Earliest Schottler

Herman C Schottler Born 19 Jan 1884 Appleton, Wisconsin.

Earliest Hickman

George Heckmann Born 17 Sep 1823 Rothenberg/darmstadt-hessen

His son, John George Heckmann was born in Germany in 1823 and died in Illinois in 1867.